Tonsillectomy and Adenotonsillectomy in Children

What to expect

Children generally recover quite quickly from this surgery. That said it is quite normal to have a sore throat for a few days and often children are :lat for a week or so. It is not unusual to have an increasingly sore throat at around one week, as this is the time of peak inflammation.

Referred pain to the ears is very common after tonsillectomy so don't be alarmed if your child complains of an earache.

The tonsil beds are left open at the end of surgery and become covered in a yellow white layer. This is normal and does not indicate infection.

Pain Management

Panadol is usually sufficient. It works best if given regularly so I suggest every four to six hours when awake for the first few days. Be careful not to exceed the recommended dose for your child on the bottle.

Some children metabolise codeine faster than others, this can result in dangerous sedation so we no longer recommend codeine containing medications (Painstop etc.) for children.


May be prescribed in some cases.


A normal diet following tonsillectomy is important as the roughness of food keeps the tonsil beds clean. It is also important to maintain a good intake of :luids.

Activities and Return to School/Day-care

Your child will need to stay with the responsible carer for 10 days after surgery. During this time it is not unreasonable to go to the shops or visit relatives but avoid parties, playgrounds etc. Excitement and running around increases the chance of bleeding.

What to watch out for and when to contact me

The main concern following tonsillectomy is bleeding. Some minor bloodstained saliva is acceptable but please contact me if there is fresh ongoing bleeding.

If you have any concerns please call my rooms during office hours or my mobile number after hours. You will find it on the front of the card with your post op appointment details. If you can’t locate it please call the St Andrews and they will contact me.

In the unlikely event that I can’t be contacted and the problem is urgent please proceed with out delay to the nearest public Accident and Emergency Department.

St Andrews : 84082111