COVID-19 and ENT services

ENT medical services have been identified as high risk for transmission of the virus.

Current recommendations from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons

  • Defer all non-urgent clinic appointments
  • Defer all non-urgent ENT surgical procedures
  • Examination of the nose and throat represents high risk

All new patients must send in a referral before an appointment will be offered

We would request that all our patients comply with the following:

  • Only the patient to enter the building, no families or groups. For children, one parent only and no siblings to attend. If a carer is needed, please advise before the appointment.
  • If you have recently returned from overseas, we request that you do not attend the clinic for 14 days from your arrival.
  • If you’ve had contact with someone with known or suspected COVID-19 do not attend.
  • If you are unwell, we request that you do not attend the clinic, Dr Varley will speak to you by phone and arrange appointment time of lowest risk if necessary.
  • We also request that you minimise your hand contact with shared surfaces, i.e. door handles and other surfaces
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Please follow instructions of staff at all times

We will endeavour to provide medical care for urgent problems but please understand all staff are exposing themselves to risk by providing these services and we require your cooperation and understanding.

During this time of markedly reduced services Dr. Varley’s standard fees will apply and are those recommended by the AMA.