Audiology refers to the science of assessing the physiological function of the human ear. Basic hearing tests can be performed by our registered nurses. More detailed assessments require the services of a registered audiologist.

At ENTSA we are fortunate and indeed somewhat unusual in that we have excellent and experienced registered audiologists available. A registered audiologist has a Bachelor of Science degree with a postgraduate Masters degree in audiology.

Accurate audiology is essential when making decisions about management of ear problems, particularly if contemplating surgery.

Available tests include

Pure tone audiology (hearing tests)

These techniques allow us to measure hearing function. If hearing loss is present its severity and nature can be determined. In particular it is important to determine how much of that hearing loss is due to the middle ear versus the inner ear.


This test measures the pressure in the middle ear space and movement of the eardrum. It can be very useful in detecting whether fluid has accumulated in the middle ear.

Diagnostic audiology

This refers to a whole suite of tests that can be done to look primarily at the balance function of the ear, its nerves and central neurological connections. Tests include Auditory Brain Stem responses, Electrocochleograhy, the Hallpikes test and Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials. This is a complex set of tests that takes and hour or so to perform.

Our Audiologists

Sam Koroneos
B.Sc. (Hons)