Nasal Surgery-Septoplasty/FESS/Turbinate reduction

What to expect

After nasal surgery it is usual to have nasal obstruction, congestion, lethargy and headache. The duration and severity will vary from person to person. It is due to the fact that the nose releases the same inflammatory mediators after surgery as are released with flu like illnesses.

The nose is also a very vascular structure and it is common to have bloody discharge for a week or so.

Pain Management

Panadol and panadeine usually suffice. Stronger analgesics will also be prescribed on discharge in case they are required. Do not take Nurofen.


May be prescribed in some cases.

Nasal Irrigation

Saline (salt) washes of the nose post-operatively help clear mucus and blood clot. You will receive a spray bottle of saline to take home. Several squirts in each nostril several times a day is reasonable but you can use as much or as little as you like.

Diet and Showers

Hot food , drink and showers may increase the risk of bleeding. A warm diet is reasonable, likewise warm showers.


Exercise and strenuous activity increase the risk of post-operative bleeding and I advise avoiding them for two weeks. Flying is not advisable in the first three weeks.

Excessive forceful nose blowing may also cause bleeding. 

You must not drive, operate machinery or make legally binding decisions for 24 hours.

Return to Work/School

Generally one week off is sufficient.

What to watch out for and when to contact me

A degree of bleeding after nasal surgery is common. You can expect to have a bloodstained discharge and occasionally small fresh nosebleeds. If they are heavy or persistent try sucking on ice and placing an ice pack on the back of neck. If this fails to control the bleeding within a short time please contact me.

If you have any concerns please call my rooms during office hours or my mobile number after hours. You will find it on the front of the card with your post op appointment details. If you can’t locate it please St Andrews and they will contact me.

In the unlikely event that I can’t be contacted and the problem is urgent please proceed with out delay to the nearest public Accident and Emergency Department.

Rooms : 8363 0677 St Andrews : 84082111