Nasal Obstruction

In Children

The commonest causes of nasal obstruction in children are allergy and/or large adenoids. There may be an associated chronic nasal discharge. 

Allergy problems are dealt with by managing the allergy with antihistamines and/or nasal steroid sprays. Enlarged adenoids may require adenoidectomy.

Children may also have similar problems to adults as below, but they are less common.

In Adults

Nasal obstruction in adults maybe due to a variety of factors including;

  • Allergy and inflammation, managed non-surgically in most.
  • Nasal polyps. See FESS
  • Deviated nasal septum, see Septoplasty
  • Enlarged turbinates, see Turbinate reduction
  • Nasal valve collapse, a weakness of the lateral walls of the external nose such that they collapse inwards on inspiration thereby blocking the nose.

Assessment requires a thorough examination and usually CT scans to plan appropriate treatment.